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  • Supporto per valigie verniciato nero lucido
  • Reggivaligie per camera in acciaio lucido
  • Portavaligie per hotel in ottone satinato
  • Reggivaligie personalizzato da camera
  • Portavaligie pieghevole in acciaio lucido
  • Folding luggage rack
  • Folding luggage rack
  • Folding luggage rack

Folding luggage rack


Luggage rack in square metal tubing which can be made in different metal finishes or painted in a choice of colours. The straps forming the top surface are in High Tech fabric available in different colours. We present our innovative folding luggage rack in two different dimensions, Small and Big.

  • Folding luggage rack. Big version.
  • Folding luggage rack. Small version.
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