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Waste paper bins for hotel bedrooms

Apir proposes different models of waste paper bins suitable for every need. Its wide range presents different customisations and types of usage.
The classic bin is made of polished steel which can be painted in any Ral shade . This bin is suitable for all environments, hotel rooms, offices (it can be fitted under desks) and waiting rooms.
For the most demanding environments we propose two models of waste paper bins models customisable in colours and coatings, a choice of technical textile or eco-friendly leather available in many different colour patterns.
Complying with safety regulations Apir proposes an oval waste paper bin completely customisable with the optionof a flame-Retardant coating. This type of treatment is used to slow and prevent possible fires.
For your hotel bathrooms or offices we propose two different waste paper bins Ideal for protecting privacy, the classy model with pedal and the model with an upper perforated lid.