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Totem display stand

Totem display stand

  • Sku TMVBIG
  • Models TMVBIG-LET : cm 60 x 185 h
    TMVBIG-TAS : cm 60 x 185 h
    TMVBIG-DEP : cm 60 x 185 h

Totem display stand

These totems are made of transparent glass and personalized with a logo. There are various single- or double-sided versions with different elements depending on what it is required to display. We present the large version of our collection of totem display stands.

  • Sku


  • Models

    TMVBIG-LET:cm 60 x 185 h
    TMVBIG-TAS:cm 60 x 185 h
    TMVBIG-DEP:cm 60 x 185 h

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