Magazine and newspaper holder
Apir’s umbrella stands are suitable for positioning at the entrance of your facility. We manufacture several models which differ in shape and size. Each umbrella rack is combined with a waste paper bin in the same design, so as to create a unique line of coordinated products.

Metal umbrella stands
All Apir’s newspaper holders are complete with one or more wooden rods useful for hanging newspapers neatly. Apir’s newspaper holders are equipped with practical pockets suitable for any kind of newspaper or magazine. Apir’s newspaper holders are suitable for hotels, bars and waiting rooms.

Metal ashtray
Our ashtray models stand out for their style, size and type of usage. We manufacture table ashtrays or wall-mounted models, with integrated paper waste bin or basis for ease of positioning.

Clothes rail on wheel
We have customizable models in different finishings and colours. On each trolley four castors allow to move the trolley easily also with hung clothes.