Accessories for Restaurants
Apir proposes several models of menu display cases suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with basis or predisposed for wall-mounting. Specially designed for the restaurant tables, we propose several accessories such as numbered seat markers and a range of classic products which includes sugar bowls, coin trays, napkin and candle holders.

Hotel luggage carts
The luggage cart, the most iconic symbol of a hotel, is the first service a hotelier offers to its clients. That is why Apir has manufactured several types of luggage carts suitable for representing your hotel at best. Our models differ in material, size and usage. All models are practical, elegant and customizable in different finishes.

Hotel key fobs
The oldest hotel accessory? The hotel numbered keyfod. Over the years, Apir has remained loyal to this product always proposing new innovative shapes and making the product up-to-date at all times. Our key fobs are made in different materials and shapes suitable for meeting any demand. Each keyfod is customizable with the logo of your facility and a bedroom number.

Accessories for receptions
Make your reception counter functional, practical and tidy with Apir’s products. In this section there are some information display and business card holders for brochures and leaflets. You can also find a reception bell, the object that best represents the idea of welcoming guests.

Room service carts
Apir proposes several types of housekeeping and minibar refill trolleys for your hotel rooms. For minibar refilling we have a trolley made in wood with a customizable silvered-metal structure with doors for front closure equipped with locks. For housekeeping we have three different models of trolleys which differ in type and function.