Shopping list

Reception and Restaurant

Iron wastepaper bin
FRIEDA-BIS Ashtray bin Detail
Brass place card table sign
FAST Place card table sign Detail
Personalised place holder with engraving
RESERVE Personalised place card holder Detail
Sugar and tea bags bowl for bars
SUGAR Sugar bowl for bars Detail
Cylindrical table flower holder
FLEUR Table flower holder Detail
Reception desk sign
RECEPTION Reception desk sign Detail
Brass designer napkin holder
LUCY Designer napkin holder Detail
Brass designer ashtray for tables
CHERY Brass ashtray for tables Detail
Brass coin tray
RESTO Coin tray Detail
Black or white square wooden tray
COFFYF Square tray Detail
Round coffee table with wooden tray
ALDO Coffee table with tray Detail
Design iron waste paper bin
FRIEDA-BIN Design waste paper bin Detail
Modern iron umbrella stand
FRIEDA-OMB Iron umbrella stand Detail
Iron ashtray with stand
FRIEDA-CEN Iron ashtray stand Detail
Magazine display stand in metal with two cloth magazine pouches
CHEVERNY Magazine display stands Detail
Classically styled newspaper holder in round tubing.
CHAUMONT Newspaper holder Detail
Newspaper rack Design in classical style complete with six newspaper rods
AMBOISE Newspaper rack design Detail
Newspaper rack for bars and hotels in satin finish steel
DIVIDONEWS Newspaper rack Detail
Wall-mounted newspaper rack in glass complete with three newspaper rods
SOLE Newspaper rack wall mounted Detail
Newspaper stand in stainless steel complete with six wooden newspaper rods
STAMPA Newspaper stand Detail
Wooden newspaper rod
GUTT Newspaper rod Detail
Bin/umbrella holder in brushed steel available in 2 versions
GIULIA Bin/umbrella holder Detail
Modern umbrella holder in metal
ARDENNE Umbrella holder Detail
Waste bin design in metal covered in fabric
GIANNI Waste paper design Detail
Umbrella bin stand in steel or brass
INDRO Umbrella bin stand Detail
Ashtray/bin in steel or brass
INDRO-CEN Ashtray bin Detail
Classically styled umbrella stand design
LOIRE Umbrella stand design Detail
Painted metal umbrella stand
JACK Metal umbrella stand Detail
Modern umbrella stand in painted metal with waste paper bin
DOPPIO Modern umbrella stand Detail
Painted metal ashtray with sand
VIZIO Metal ashtray Detail
Outdoor ashtray on a stand with an extractable tray
EMMA Outdoor ashtray Detail
Magnetic name badge  personalized with logo
BADGE-RE Magnetic name badge Detail
Customized magnetic name tag
BADGE-OV Magnetic name tag Detail
Customizable metal name tags
BADGE-SQ Metal name tags Detail
Magazine side table with tabletop in glass
CONCORDE Magazine side table Detail
Desk top information for notices and images. Version for size A4
GEORGE-A4 Desk top information for notices and images. Version for size A4 Detail
Desktop business card holder
CARD Business card holder for desk Detail
Desk bell with base in glass
TRILLI-BVE Desk bell Detail
Desk top literature display
GLASS Desk top literature display Detail
Wall mounted restaurant menu display
RISTO Restaurant menu display Detail
Menu display in steel or brass
BILBAO Menu display Detail
Illuminated outdoor menu display case
LONDON Menu display case Detail
Illuminated outdoor menu stand with lock
LONDBS Outdoor menu stand Detail
Menu stand for restaurants with display panel
KEIRAP Menu stand Detail
Personalizable stainless steel  tabletop card holders
OMEGA Tabletop card holders Detail
Restaurant table top sign in transparent Plexiglass
BETA Table top sign Detail
Tabletop signs
MAGNO Tabletop signs Detail
Personalized table number tents for restaurants
LAMBDA Table numbers tent Detail
Plexiglass table number
GAMMA Plexiglass table number Detail
Folding bag rack for restaurants
KELLY Folding bag rack Detail