Indoor signage
Apir manufactures plaques, internal and external signage symbols, digital safety signage. Our philosophy leads to our signage being an informative and communicative tool for the public as well as an element of design and furnishing.

Indoor signage
Our products are made with extremely high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass, crystal and plexiglass. For each signage range several colours, sizes and finishes are available.

Outdoor signs
Several ranges of plaques with different sizes, colours and finishings available. Apir’s external signage is customisable with the logo of your hotel or restaurant. The material of the signs is high-quality and long-lasting: exposure to adverse atmospheric agents, such as prolonged heavy rain, does not damage them.

Displays, information stands and menu holders
Our special leaflet displays are characterised by an innovative and elegant design. The materials used are glass, plexiglass, steel and brass. Our menu displays for restaurants are available both in their indoor or outdoor version. The latter are equipped with led illumination and safety closure.

Safety signs
Safety, fire protection, prohibition, rescue and information signage for indoor or outdoor use, is aimed at public buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, congress centres or offices.